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noun: solution; plural noun: solutions
1. a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.
synonyms: answer, result, resolution, way out, panacea.

2. products or services designed to meet a particular need.
synonyms: services, work, resource(s), programme, provision, offer, proposals, competence, output, deliverables.


Best Climate Solutions is a collaborative, crowdsourcing platform that collects and showcases innovative projects and actionable ideas that provide solutions to targeted climate change challenges.

The application of an idea or method becomes a solution when it achieves tangible results that lead to a concrete and positive change in the context in which the starting problem is addressed. A good solution is the one that not only solves a problem “here and now”, but also offers the possibility of being scaled and adapted to address similar problems in other situations and contexts. The focus of Best Climate Solutions is thus a quest for impact and scalability.

Through the annual Best Climate Solutions Award, the platform gathers real-world examples of what must be done to prevent dangerous consequences of climate change, and how climate action can bring social and economic benefits in the communities addressed.

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