Climate Scorecard launched the Global Spotlight Project in March of 2018, aimed at helping the Paris Agreement achieve its important goals. Our campaign is launched against the background of recent scientific studies that suggest that existing country pledges to the Paris Agreement are insufficient to prevent the planet from exceeding the 2 degree Celsius global warming tipping point.

The Global Spotlight Project supports citizen and organizational-based efforts to advocate that countries fully comply with and strengthen their Paris Agreement pledges. The campaign provides citizens around the world with monthly News Briefs and Action Alert messages about what countries are or are not doing to further their commitment to the Paris Agreement and provides a way to easily take action in contacting key stakeholders. The Global Spotlight Project seeks to form a global alliance of civil society, business, and policy research organizations, working together to persuade leading greenhouse gas emitting countries to strengthen their Paris Agreement pledges.

In conjunction with the Global Spotlight Project, a new Climate Scorecard website is now live. The site is designed to engage citizens around the world in advocating for countries to increase their compliance with Paris Agreement goals and objectives.

Objectives and beneficiaries

Climate Scorecard connects citizens and policymakers. Our global team of researchers and reporters brings citizens updates on what’s happening in their country. Through digital media, citizens can contact their partner organization or government officials and key policymakers directly. With consistent messaging and education, created by scientists in their own countries, and posted in their native languages, Climate Scorecard will become a central location for the latest major decisions and events shaping the implementation - or lack thereof - of The Paris Agreement. By engaging citizens and connecting them directly to those involved in making policy decisions, Climate Scorecard serves as a critical conduit to bring together ordinary people with those who are able to help The Paris Agreement succeed.

Strong points of the solution

Every month, Climate Scorecard disseminates the Global Spotlight Report to a growing mailing list of more than 10,000 environmental, leaders, policy-makers, researchers and activists in the hopes of informing work on the Paris Agreement. Country Spotlight Reports highlight significant climate change related activities that take place in each country, with the aim at shining a spotlight in order to mobilize local forces in advocacy work around those activities. Spotlight activities can include: a new or updated policy, program, a new business initiative, a new research report, or something else of significance to efforts to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change.

Expected results and benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Climate Scorecard expects to continue growing our global presence, such as we had at COP 23. We will drive results through policy change by amplifying the voices of those most affected by climate change. By continuing to educate the world about the importance of The Paris Agreement, and through highlighting both successes and failures, we will create a planet-wide coalition that will shape and influence how and when The Paris Agreement is successfully implemented.

Scalability potential of the solution

Climate Scorecard introduced the Partnership Campaign in April 2018; to date [May 2018 - Ed.], more than 60 organizations from a dozen countries have signed on. This broadens the scope of Climate Scorecard beyond the Top 25 Greenhouse Gas Emitting Countries to include all countries, as we are all affected by climate change. These partner organizations will:

- Educate and mobilize individuals and organizations about the responsibility that countries have to strengthen their Paris Agreement pledges;

- Persuade environmental ministers and other national level decision ­makers about the need to fully comply with and strengthen the initial pledges made by their countries;

-Engage the business community­ which was supportive of the initial effort that led to the Paris Agreement­, and encourage them to let governments know that the private sector believes that it is a top priority that countries strengthen their Paris Agreement pledges.

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