Too many sources of data and information and the spreading of fake news make it hard for everyone, including experts, to see and keep track of the whole picture of what climate change is causing to our planet. People who lack a background related to climate change and its science behind perceive climate change as too big and too abstract, and therefore they are unaware of the urgency of taking action.

WorldClimaps wants to fight fake climate news and to call for more climate awareness by centralizing, visualizing and showing scientifically reliable information about climate change consequences from a global to a local scale and about mitigation actions taken around the globe.

WorldClimaps consists of an interactive map and catalog enriched with:

- Evidence of climate change: what is happening, when and where on our planet due to climate change. All articles are scientifically reliable and based on proven data. Working together with the scientific community, WorldClimaps is currently analyzing the dynamics of fake climate news and aims to create a database of scientifically verified information, centralized and localized on its world map. Guidelines on how to verify the reliability of sources and articles will be released at the end of the research.

- Climate actions taken to fight climate change, from a global to a local scale, in the public and private sectors. All articles will be documented and verified.

- A community open to everyone: from climate newbies to activists and experts, professionals and organizations. We started to connect with climate activists, organizations and communities in order to join forces and initiate impact driven collaborations.

To raise awareness, WorldClimaps is also active in providing educational services (such as talks and workshops) to schools and universities and to private companies on climate change issues, on sustainability and on the best ways to have an impact through day-to-day operations.

Objectives and beneficiaries

In an ever more complex and interconnected world, the actions to tackle climate change are becoming equally sophisticated, requiring solutions that can only be solved by a collaborative global community.

We noticed that as soon as people become aware of the problem, they feel the urge to take action. For this reason, one of our key beneficiaries are students, who through our teaching and the platform can learn the magnitude of climate change. Thanks to this new knowledge and by using WorldClimaps as a tool to discover new information, they are empowered and inspired to take action.

Furthermore, organizations and companies still perceive climate change and sustainability as something that is creating costs over opportunities and therefore they are not taking measures to transform their business into a more sustainable one. As sustainability consultants, we would give companies tools and would guide them to implement practices to become more sustainable and mitigate climate change.

Strong points of the solution

WorldClimaps offers a new way to communicate climate change and its solutions. We provide the best user experience:

-a world map to explore to visualize the change in space and a timeline to scroll to visualize the change throughout time;

-trustable news based on scientifically proven data;

-articles categorized per impacts and sectors, easy to find on the map and in the catalog;

-a 50/50 ratio of climate consequences and actions that shows the reality of climate change and gives hope and inspiration for the future;

-A vibrant community of climate heroes.

WorldClimaps provides ad-hoc support to schools and companies for integrating different solutions and technologies in their educational and business models.

WorldClimaps is a strong team of people with different backgrounds living across Europe. We are united by passion: we want to do everything in our power to solve the challenges that climate change is creating. Awareness and strong active networks are essential for solving these challenges.

Expected results and benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation

WorldClimaps creates opportunities for schools and individuals: with educational sessions and by interacting on our platform and social media, they understand the global challenge and are inspired to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, reducing their environmental footprint and spreading climate awareness.

Companies and organizations would benefit by receiving support with our training on sustainability, such as internal stakeholder engagement, sustainable solutions design, internal and external projects for CSR support. By being present on WorldClimaps’ network, companies give exposure to their sustainable activities and share industry best practices, initiate collaborations with other realities and strengthen their positive impact.

WorldClimaps wants to be part of the solution towards a climate resilient world; by providing reliable data and showing real actions and case studies, private and public actors will be able to take the lead in having a transformational impact on society at large.

Scalability potential of the solution

The number of articles added to the database is limited only by the trustworthy and scientifically based articles that we find and that we can write. The number of users in the community is limited only by the costs of the maintenance of the community (see “Cost of implementation” section).

In line with our mission, WorldClimaps will create value for several customer segments: we are already providing educational services to schools and universities, and companies and organizations have already shown their interest in being part of WorldClimaps’ network and in receiving specific training. Our goal is to provide tools that will enable students, professors and professionals to take the lead and spread awareness.

Reaching both private and public segments, WorldClimaps will build a strong network and a collaborative global community ready to take action to fight climate change.

[Editor's Note: All information published as submitted by the author(s). Minor edits may have been made for length and clarity.]