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Angel investors provide capital to start-up business in exchange for ownership equity. These entrepreneurs personally invest in new or young companies that have promising business projects, bringing their skills and experience to maximize the chances of the company’s success.

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The Associations of Business Angels in Europe (EBAN)

EBAN is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor community, gathering over 111 member organizations from 39 countries. Our members are: Federations of Business Angel Networkings; Business Angel Networkings; Early Stage Venture Capital and Seed Funds; Electronic Funding Platforms and Business Angels; and other market stake holders.

Italian Angels for Growth

IAG’s aim is to finance the early stages of industrial projects presenting a high level of innovation and success potential, to realise a profitable 5-year issue for the Angels. Main objectives: helping to promote sustainable development in the long term promoting, through Angel Investing; development of new business initiatives and economic growth contributing to the success of the youngest companies exploiting the best talent and ideas promoting economic growth and the creation of new qualified jobs.


Image credits: Samson Duborg-Rankin/Unsplash