Need funding to develop your best climate solution? Get a jump start here with information on financing opportunities. Turning your idea into reality could make the difference in the fight against climate change!

Crowdfunding is a platform for people to present their innovative ideas online to a “crowd” of potential investors that can then choose to fund them. As a financing method that relies on soliciting relatively modest contributions from a large number of people, success relies on the ability to canvass a large group of potential contributors. Several crowdfunding websites host projects specifically on the themes of climate change and sustainability.

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JustGiving is one of the world’s leading platforms for charity giving. Since its launch in 2001, it has enabled over 21 million people to raise £1.5 billion for over 13,000 charities and causes in radically new ways.

There are hundreds of projects on JustGiving, grassroots campaigns all around the world, with reference to different categories, such as animal shelters, corporate social responsibility, social welfare, climate change, environment and microfinance. Individuals who are UK based and are working on something for the social good can create their “Yimby Projects”. Yimby allows any individual to start his or her own community project without being a registered charity.


CauseVox is an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform for the social good. Nonprofits and individuals anywhere in the world can use CauseVox to create an effective website for raising funds without a developer. Its main customers include global nonprofits, groups of friends, and even single individuals who are making a difference.

Start some good

The aim of this platform is to empower people to become social innovators by providing them with the tools they need to rally their community and raise funds. StartSomeGood provides social entrepreneurs with a platform for raising funds and building a community of supporters, all in an enjoyable, community-driven way. The website taps into community power by enabling social entrepreneurs to ask for financial support from supporters from around the world. It gives them the tools to keep their supporters updated and provide unique rewards in exchange for support – on their first campaign, and for future campaigns down the road.


CrowdRise is a community and a unique blend of crowdfunding, social networking, and contests. It allows users to raise money online for a cause and create personal fundraisers for charity. Crowdrise is an innovative, cost-effective online fundraising website for individual fundraisers, non-profit fundraising and event fundraising. Crowdrise was founded by actor and activist Edward Norton, producer and activist Shauna Robertson, and internet entrepreneurs Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe. Crowdrise was named a “Top 25 Global Philanthropist” by Barron’s and a “Top Fundraising Website” by Mashable.


Enables non-profit supporters to create their own fundraising page to raise money for the cause of their choice. FirstGiving is dedicated to one purpose: empowering passionate non-profit supporters to raise more money than they ever thought possible for the causes they care about.

The platform partners with non-profit organizations to allow them to plan, execute, and measure successful online fundraising campaigns and charity fundraising events with its fundraising software.

Green Fundraising

A crowdfunding platform for projects related to sustainability and healthy living. It supports projects that focus on environmental or social responsibility. Entrepreneurs and non-profits can seek funding from the public (referred to as “crowdfunding”) by posting a project on Green Fundraising is a service of Green VC, which is a part of the Green Economy Media portfolio. Green Economy Media also runs a leading resource for green jobs, Green Jobs Networking. Green Economy Media is run by Leonard Adler.


Eppela is a reward-based crowdfunding platform which allows individuals to create a project/idea, share it through networking and obtain funding for its implementation. It is a meeting point between those who have ideas to realize and those who want to support the implementation of projects in all sectors. This crowdfunding platform also supports promotion activities through its specialist networking for reaching each projected budget.

Eppela is looking for creators of all ages, by profession or vocation. Creators can be people who have intuitions and projects to set in motion, change the market, do good, create emotions or offer solutions.