Climate actions of businesses, investors, cities, regions and civil society are steadily progressing towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, according to the first  Yearbook of Climate Action by the UNFCCC Marrakesh Partnership.

For instance, the report notes that coalitions, representing more than a billion people have committed to decrease emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Mega-cities with more than 300 million inhabitants are working together to build capacity on adaptation in the water sector. It underlines how companies are committing to 100% renewable energy and energy productivity, and setting concrete targets in line with the climate science.

“Governments must know the action in the real world to accelerate ambition over time, which is required to secure success for agreed global goals. It is a virtuous circle. This Yearbook shows how these actions drive global momentum towards our common challenge. And it can inspire and support governments to act on their Paris contributions”, said UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa during the Yearbook’s release at COP23. 

Click here to access the full 2017 Yearbook of Global Climate Action.