Over 40 proposals from around the world are in the running for the Best Climate Solutions 2018 Award on climate change communication. Get ready to vote for your favorite ones.

After an intense review phase, the Best Climate Solutions team is glad to announce the official participants to the 2018 Award dedicated to the challenge of “Communicating climate change threats and opportunities”. We deeply thank all groups, individuals, and organizations who sent their projects and ideas!

The admitted candidates come from very different countries and contexts. The majority of proposals was received from Europe and North America, but applicants also come from African, Asian and Latin American countries. They offer an inspiring, and sometimes unusual, journey towards discovering how bottom-up initiatives are innovating climate change communication through art, fiction, journalism, gaming, education, advocacy and the use of digital channels and tools.

The projects in the running are now published on the Best Climate Solutions platform: go to the Best Climate Solutions page, select the “Award” button and scroll down to view all the projects’ profiles. Or explore them in the map below.

Beyond their differences in scale and approach, the candidate projects mostly shared a common vision to surpass long-standing boundaries of climate change communication and to break those schemes which traditionally separate disciplines and sectors, the experts and the public, the pure science and the human feelings every one of us may experience when dealing with climate change facts and figures.

The 42 participants will undergo the two-fold assessment process: the online public polls and the evaluation by the international Jury, this year featuring: Jessika Berns (Green Growth Knowledge Platform, GGKP), Marco Cattaneo (National Geographic Italy), Marion Ferrat (IPCC Working Group III), Liliana Hisas (Fundación Ecologica Universal, FEU-US), and Kenneth Weiss (Pulitzer Prize, Festival for the Earth). Read the full bios of the jurors available here.

The online public polls will start in September. Everyone will be able to support their favorite candidates by participating in the online voting and sharing the projects on their social networks.

The finalists and the winner of the Best Climate Solutions 2018 Award will be announced on December 4, 2018, at the Festival for the Earth 2018 in Venice.

The author of the winning project will be invited to present the proposal during a high-level event featuring Nobel, Pulitzer, and Goldman Prize winners, and will receive a prize of 3000 euros, co-sponsored by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and the Festival for the Earth.

Get ready for the Best Climate Solutions 2018 online polls.

The online voting procedure will be open from September 24, 2018, until October 15, 2018 (5.00 pm CEST).

Only registered users can rate their favorite projects and increase their chance of winning. Sign up or log in to the Best Climate Solutions website before starting to vote.

All participating projects are now published on the Best Climate Solutions platform. Go to the Best Climate Solutions section at www.bestclimatesolutions.eu/solutions/, select the “Award” button and scroll down to view all the competing projects’ profiles.

Each registered user has a single right of vote for each project. You can give as many projects as like a ranking from 1 to 5 on the four criteria:

– viability;
– innovation (at the technological, social, or organizational level);
– expected/observed impact;
– scalability.

Click on the VOTE button (available starting from September 24) on the project’s profile you want to rate and assign it 1 to 5 stars on each criterion, with 5 being the highest score.

After giving your rating, refresh the page to see the updated voting count on the project’s profile.

Updates on the online polls and the following phases will be posted on the Best Climate Solutions website and on @CmccClimate social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Follow the conversation via #BeClimateSolutions.


Cover photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash.